The Kuderer Law Group represents individuals in personal injury cases, public record matters, and employment discrimination.  Simply put, we fight Goliath on your behalf.  We work with our clients to aggressively protect their rights and obtain fair compensation for their claim.  Our depth and breadth of experience and superior commitment to our client’s cause gives us an edge.


Success Stories

The Kuderer Law Group recently helped a young man obtain full policy limits of $100,000 after his efforts failed to persuade the insurance company to pay him any compensation for his injuries. After securing the policy limits, we continued working to ensure the auto and health insurers waived PIP and medical expense payments totaling more than $25,000, all of which directly benefited our client, who used his recovery to purchase his family’s first home.

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Practice Areas

The Kuderer Law Group is here to help. Below are the practice areas we focus on. To learn more, give us a call.

Personal injuries can be devastating. We are experienced in helping people who have been injured by another’s negligence or recklessness.
Discrimination of employees based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability is illegal. We also assist with employment discrimination claims and separation agreements.
You have the right to receive public documents and records from state and local government bodies. We can help when a public agency fails to produce the information requested.
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